"My Favourite" with India Rose / by Wade Edwards

"My favourite bikini is this little white one by Ark Swimwear.
I love the way the light colour contrasts against my skin, reminding me of my Maori roots and ancestry.
I love pulling the bottoms up over my hip bones, so I feel like an 80's beach babe. 
I love that this bikini has lasted a very long time, enduring at least three years of countless days of wear and tear through salt, sun, sand, sea and sweat, and it still holds up well :)
Simple and reliable. 
This bikini makes me feel comfortable, which I think is so important when it comes to body confidence and being comfortable (and proud!) in our own skin. Beauty is shown through diversity and uniqueness, so why don't we all embrace our differences a little more? Just because the general media may mainly project images of a single particular body type does not mean that it is any more beautiful or desirable than any other body type. 
Everyone can try to be someone else, but only you can truly be yourself, so be proud, be confident & be comfortable as your own unique self."